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Sustainable food systems

Erin is pursuing a PhD and career in promoting food production and nutrition policy that promotes health for both people and planet. She believes our food choices are the most powerful tool we have to end climate change and create more resilient, healthy communities.

talking about
mental health

After recovering from a life-threatening case of anorexia nervosa and coming to terms with lifelong perfectionism, anxiety, and striving, Erin speaks on the importance of compassionate self-discipline, relentless optimism, and open-hearted living.

seasonal nutrition

With too much noise and nutrition dogma in the world, Erin believes and teaches an approach to healthy eating that focuses on sustainable, seasonal whole food ingredients. Her nutrition philosophy is utterly simple: Nature knows best.

young women

Erin believes the world is a better place when women live with confidence, purpose, and empowerment. She mentors young women, invests in charities promoting global girls' education, & advocates for women's healthcare as a basic human right.
May all be fed. May all be healed. May all be loved.