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I'm a nutritionist, yes. But also a relentless optimist, endless dreamer, and hopeful romantic. I'm endlessly inspired by the beauty of everyday moments — the simplicity that exists in living each season fully. Relishing in the

I believe that nutrition and wellness doesn't have to be so hard and can lead us all to the lives, relationships, and world we truly want.

Though my story is far from perfect, I share it to uplift, inspire, and encourage you that out of the ashes we can all rise. That no matter where your wellness is now, more is possible and you were made for it.

Whatever you dream of, let's nourish that together.

may you always find the courage to
feed your dreams
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finding balance

my story

I’ve long believed that healthy eating must be inspiring. It shouldn’t be about deprivation, dieting, or another dreaded “to-do.” And it isn’t just about fueling your body— it’s also about feeling good and finding more joy in every aspect of your life.

It all started late high school, when a life-threatening case of anorexia alongside its ever present accessory— anxiety— sent my life careening off the course so carefully constructed under the keen eye of my perfectionist personality. Recovery was a rocky road, but in the end, an incredibly rewarding one that eventually inspired me to do the work I do now.

That experience opened my eyes to the role nutrition plays in determining the value of each day and the sum of our lives. Simply put, the energy— physical, emotional, and mental— you have for what matters most hinges on your health.

I went on to study the art and science of eating well— double undergraduate degrees in psychology & dietetics, then clinical experience garnered working rounds in Boston’s most prestigious hospitals and a graduate education at the nations’ leading holistic medical school.

Now, having worked with troves of women, I’m only more sure that “healthy” is never just about sticking to a plan or meeting societal standards, but instead taking good care of yourself.

And, I know for sure:

Years later, I’m still incredibly awed by the beauty of good food and its power to elevate everyday life. Yes, nutrition is an avenue to balance your body, calm your mind, & fuel your workouts. But nutrition is so much more… it’s a path to creating deeper connections, tasting the globe, energizing new adventures, savoring the seasons, powering your career, and making the mundane of Monday night dinner a little more magic.

This I believe…

May you always find the courage to feed your dreams.

xx, Erin

well-read. well-educated. wellness-obsessed.


m.s. — clinical nutrition
National University of Natural Medicine
Portland, OR
b.s. — nutrition + dietetics
B.s. — clinical psychology
Simmons University
Boston, MA

snippets of substance

kitkat, the cat
always on an adventure, like seeing alaskan glaciers
goodness, i love hats
life snippets
what's your life motto?
what's your life motto?

Always choose the adventure.
Everything is a risk and indecision will steal more from your life than any failure ever will.

let us take a peek inside your freezer... what's always in there?

greens powders, frozen cauliflower (for smoothies), Jenni’s Brambleberry Crisp, and cat food

netflix pick?

Oh, that’s terribly unfair, but I’d tie it 3 ways between Madam Secretary, A Million Little Things, & Downton Abbey.

kitchen necessity?

my high-powered Vitamix because I use it daily to make smoothies, soups, sauces... and I'm absolutely sure my neighbors all hate me

how do you define "healthy"?

Experiencing ease in each moment of your own life. It’s about being truly connected to your true self, your body, the natural rhythms of life, the people and places around you. You can get the six pack or eat all the kale in the world, but you’re never truly well until you feel at peace with yourself.

favorite meals?

Are always excuses. Simply guises for that life-enriching, lose-track-of-time conversation sitting across from someone I love...

when all else fails...

Surrender & start up the kettle.
My Irish grandmother instilled in me the idea that very little in this world is so troubling. It cannot be bettered by a strong cup of tea.

what keeps you up at night?

I always joke I'm "old at heart" as I go to bed quite early, but...
some existential and big questions can get my mind going...
how can we transform our world into a more compassionate place? what is my role in that? am I living up to my full potential and making a positive difference for women and our planet with my work? 

what does it mean to "nourish joy"?

It means eating, moving, living in a way that allows you the freedom to fully experience life — to taste delight on travels, savor the seasons, enjoy good food with the ones you love.
It's feeding your body, mind, & soul in a way that allows you to live a true adventure.

i think a week should always start with a

sunday well spent

kitten snuggles + sipping the best beverage that exists…

my favorite way to workout… such good music + energy!

a classic combination: friendship, fresh omelettes, & full-on sunshine

the regular farmer's market haul + quick Whole Foods run for the rest of the essentials

meandering through the city for flea market finds or people watching in teh park

these days? maple pecan roasted salmon, roasted delicata squash, and tahini drizzled greens

the perfect, soothing way to end a fabulous day!

my favorite way to workout… such good music + energy!

my favorite way to workout… such good music + energy!

my favorite way to workout… such good music + energy!

my favorite way to workout… such good music + energy!

my favorite way to workout… such good music + energy!

i think a week should always start with a

sunday well spent

image sources
just a few of the things that

inspire me...

living by nature's seasons
fashion, especially vintage dior
oprah. always.
my daily sunshine walks...